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Świeradów - Czerniawa Health Resort – PGU Group

Świeradów - Czerniawa Health Resort located in Sudety Mountains at the foot of Izerskie Mountains is one of the most recognisable health resorts in Poland. The uniqueness of this place is marked by the location, climate, mineral water sources discovered in the 16th century as well as over 200 years of spa treatment tradition. All these elements perfectly favour recovery which is additionally supported by natural treatment resources such as radon –active waters, high quality peloid as well as spruces covering the surrounding mountains. Thanks to this location the resort has a unique and healing climate rich of precious radon which favours relaxation, renewal and effective treatment.

Świeradów health resort offers treatment of upper and lower respiratory system disorders, gynaecological affections, peripheral vessels diseases, orthopaedic injury-related diseases, rheumatologic affections, skin diseases, diabetes and osteoporosis. Following specialist advice patients are allowed to use 50 different types of treatment in the scope of kinesitherapy, light therapy, electric therapy, hydrotherapy, balneotherapy, crenotherapy, and inhalation.

Świeradów is called the valley of love as the radon-based therapy increases the level of hormones responsible for vitality. The resort offer includes 50 different types of treatment as well as spa & wellness services provided by professional personnel.

Świeradów - Czerniawa health resort is not only one of two places in Poland which offer radon-based treatment on a large scale but also one of twenty radon spas in Europe.

Recent research has proven that among patients who use radon treatment (inhalations and baths) a three-week stay in Świeradów - Czerniawa significantly increases the level of estrogens and testosterone leading to improved fitness, faster renewal and inhibition of aging process.

Świeradów - Czerniawa health resort also offers services provided by Lotus Flower SPA where guests can undergo special purifying therapy focused on restoration of vitality and wellbeing.

A treatment stay in Świeradów together with the use of traditional healing methods based on natural resources of the region guarantees improved wellbeing, regeneration, fast renewal and inhibition of aging process.

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