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Kłodzko Spa Complex – PGU Group

Kłodzko Spa Complex composed of three picturesque health resorts in Polanica-Zdrój, Kudowa-Zdrój and Duszniki-Zdrój forms the biggest group of spa towns in Poland. The complex is situated in Kłodzko Valley in the vicinity of the Stołowe Mountains National Park. The Group continues the old spa treatment tradition and not only offers the wide range of treatments and leisure services but also provides help of professional medical staff and comfortable accommodation. Additionally, each health resort provides a complex offer in the scope of treatment and rehabilitation provided by qualified team of doctors and physiotherapists.

The spa facilities in Polanica-Zdrój specialise in treatment of cardiac and digestive system diseases as well as locomotor organ disorders. Spa in Duszniki-Zdrój offers treatment of digestive and respiratory system diseases, gynaecologic disorders, osteoporosis and cardiac diseases. The Kudowa-Zdrój spa offer is addressed to patients with cardiac and respiratory system diseases, endocrine system and locomotor organ disorders, anaemia and obesity.

Kłodzko Spa Complex which has specialised in spa medicine for more than 100 years is also the producer of mineral water, with brands such as Staropolanka, Wielka Pieniawa and Kudowianka. All types of mineral water offered in Kłodzko health resorts are healthy, natural and at the same time different as they come from four different sources which make their taste and mineral content unique.

Effective recovery and wonderful time spent in Kłodzko health resorts is guaranteed by perfectly provided rehabilitating and treatment services as well as professional and highly experienced medical personnel.

Guests visiting Kłodzko spa facilities have a possibility to improve their health under supervision of specialists using advanced medical equipment thanks to which it is possible to implement ultrasound diagnostics, heart rhythm disorder diagnostics using Holter’s method, circulatory system diagnostics, daily blood pressure monitoring as well as performance of densitometry.

A perfect way to spend a relaxing time and restore wellbeing in Kłodzko Spa Complex are leisure facilities called Sunny Baths located in “Wielka Pieniawa” sanatorium in Polanica-Zdrój, in “Jan Kazimierz” sanatorium in Duszniki-Zdrój and in “Jagusia” and “Zameczek” sanatoriums in Kudowa-Zdrój. Each complex consists of recreational swimming pools equipped with hydro-massage system and sauna zone “Climates of the World”. For fitness lovers the complex offers Sunny Fit Centres with the advanced cardio equipment and devices for physical and aerobic exercises. Wielka Pieniawa Spa Salon offers a wide range of luxurious cosmetic and recreational services such as massage with Chinese cupping glass, relaxing bamboo ritual or aromatic peelings.

Leisure complex "Jan Kazimierz Sunny Baths" invites to Peloid Centre which offers treatment based on peloid and Dead Sea minerals. Additionally, “Zameczek” sanatorium offers treatment in cryogenic chambers.


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