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Lądek-Długopole Health Resort

Thermal springs in Lądek Zdrój have been used since medieval times and throughout the centuries many famous artists, politicians and members of royal families have been visiting this beautiful health resort. The attraction which gathers visitors from many different parts of the world are the hot thermal springs with unique in Europe chemical content. One of the most extraordinary properties of the sulphide, fluoride and radon springs is their rejuvenating and revitalising effect. In "Zdrój Wojciech" natural therapy centre visitors have a possibility to take a bath in marble baths and a beautiful round swimming pool filled with hot healing water. The facility also uses peloid paste which is produced in an old mill.

Spa treatment is based on stimulation therapy which encourages the body to self-healing by stimulating its defence and adaptation mechanisms. In contrast to pharmacological treatment which gives immediate results sometimes presenting also adverse side effects, spa treatment gives later but lasting effects.

In Długopole-Zdrój natural treatment resources are hydrogen-carbonate, sodium and ferric sorrels rich with carbon dioxide. These waters have a nice taste, are refreshing and stimulate digestion process. The spa uses their healing properties in drinking therapy, mineral baths which have beneficial effect on circulatory system, metabolism and blood pressure level as well as for regeneration and relaxation.

Długopole-Zdrój health resort specialises in treatment of:

  • digestive system diseases (especially affecting liver and bile ducts);
  • metabolic diseases (diabetes, obesity);
  • peripheral vascular diseases (varices, atherosclerosis);
  • locomotor organ diseases

We warmly invite you for treatment and relaxing holidays!


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