Logo Dr Baumann Polska

Central Poland:

ul. Miączyńska 29,

02-637 Warszawa

website: www.dr-baumann.pl

e-mail: m.ceregro@dr-baumann.pl

phone: +48 22 845 12 85


Southern Poland:

ul. Boya-Żeleńskiego 87

58-309 Wałbrzych

website: www.walbrzych.dr-baumann.pl

e-mail: a.kuehl@dr-baumann.pl

phone: +48 74 664 71 86

Dr Baumann Polska

Dr Baumann Polska company was established in May 2008 as the exclusive Polish representative of German cosmetic concern Dr. Baumann Cosmetic GmbH operating in 27 countries in the world. According to world’s best quality cosmetics rank prepared by European Consumer Workgroup for Information on Cosmetics (ECWIC), a non-profit organization operating in many European countries, Dr Baumann cosmetics are the world’s leader with 200 positions on the top of the list. Cosmetics offered by Dr Baumann do not contain synthetic preservatives, synthetic sunscreens, synthetic colorants, mineral oils (distillate of petroleum), synthetic aromas and animal substances.

The actions taken by Dr Baumann Polska company include:

  • Distribution of the highest quality cosmetics;
  • Professional advice for cosmetic and SPA salons;
  • Educational activities in the scope of health promotion and marketing trainings;
  • Environmental protection activities;
  • Animal protection activities;
  • Health care activities;
  • Skin and face cosmetics services, SPA packages, consulting and advice;
  • Cooperation with universities in the scope of internship for students;

Dr Baumann cosmetics contain only natural ingredients which can be found in human skin. Their beneficial effect has been tested and proven – they inhibit skin aging and do not cause allergy.


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