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ul. Sienkiewicza 1

58-530 Szczawno-Zdrój

website: www.szczawno-jedlina.pl

e-mail: uzdrowisko@szczawno-jedlina.pl

phone: +48 74 84 93 236

Szczawno-Jedlina Health Resort

Szczawno-Jedlina health resort is one of the oldest spa facilities in Lower Silesia. This is the place where you can breathe fresh air, benefit from the healing properties of mineral waters and improve your fitness. We combine the old spa treatment tradition with advances of modern medicine. Our guests have opportunity to spend holydays in 11 sanatorium and hotel facilities surrounded by picaresque mountains and sights.

We are specialised in treatment of:  respiratory system and digestive system disorders, urological affections, locomotor organ and circulatory system diseases, endocrine system and metabolism disorders, diabetes type I and II and obesity. As one of a few facilities we offer sanatorium treatment for children and young people with upper and lower respiratory system diseases and postural defects.

We also offer treatment in a cryogenic chamber – one of the newest solutions used in physical medicine. Other types of treatment include: inhalations, water treatment, electric therapy, magnet therapy, therapeutic massage, laser therapy, peloid compresses and movement rehabilitation.

Guests who wish to visit sauna complex (dry, steam and infrared saunas), go to the gym or participate in fitness lessons (yoga, zumba, abdominal and back training) are invited to Fitness Zdrój opened till late evening in Dom Zdrojowy.

We also offer our guests with home hydrotherapy using healing waters: “Dąbrówka”, “Mieszko” and natural mineral water “Anka”.

Dom Zdrojowy is also a perfect place to organize conferences, scientific congresses, workshops for companies and galas. Each year the health resort traditionally organizes the New Year’s Eve Ball. You are warmly welcome!

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