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Lower Silesian Sanatoriums LLC

Lower Silesian Sanatoriums LLC seated in Sokołowsko has operated in its current structure since 1.07.2008. Unique local microclimate in Sokołowsko (540-600 m a.s.l) favours treatment of all respiratory system diseases. In total, the company offers 202 places for patients in:

  • Specialist Hospital for Lung Diseases “Biały Orzeł” (number of beds: 95);

Treatment and care centres:

  • “Górnik” (45 beds);
  • “Odrodzenie” (62 beds)

These are the facilities specialised in taking care over seriously ill patients where highly qualified medical personnel provide attentive care. Additionally, the company owns clinics specialised in lung diseases and tuberculosis treatment, home oxygen therapy and rehabilitation as well as physiotherapy consulting centre and systemic rehabilitation department.

The company also owns:

  • Rehabilitation and Haematology Children Hospital "Orlik" in Kudowa Zdroj which is the only facility in Poland admitting for complex rehabilitation children aged 3-18 suffering haematological, oncological and orthopaedic affections.
  • Specialist Hospital for Lung Diseases in Rościszów which apart from tuberculosis and lung diseases department runs Palliative Medicine Department as well as Treatment and Care Centre.
  • “Azalia” Sanatorium in Szczawno-Zdrój which offers treatment and rehabilitation of respiratory system, digestive system, urinary system, locomotor organ diseases, rheumatologic affections and affections requiring implementation of elimination diet.
  • “Zimowit” Sanatorium in Duszniki-Zdrój which offers treatment and rehabilitation of respiratory system, digestive system and locomotor organ diseases, rheumatologic and cardiac affections, hypertension, peripheral vascular diseases and gynaecological affections.


We invite you to our sanatoriums for wonderful family holidays, treatment and rehabilitation stays, our hotels and to take part in many interesting events. Our facilities which are characterized by intimate atmosphere use professional treatment and rehabilitation equipment, moreover, guests can enjoy meals in a canteen located inside the object, use a graduation tower and a treatment water intake, go Nordic walking, rent bicycles (Zimowit), play pool billiard and table tennis (Azalia), use free Internet, undergo body detoxification treatment and benefit from many other attractions.

You are welcome to visit us!

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